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We provide advanced features that let businesses get all the benefits of link shortening.

Transfer links from one domain to another by just a couple of clicks.

Track the success of every short link and domain with detailed insights (OS, location, browser, etc.) and real-time clickstream records.

Use several branded domains in one account. Apply separate settings for each domain, and track the audience individually for every project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use UTM tags? A link with UTM parameters is too long. You can shorten the already UTM-coded link or add UTM parameters to a destination URL while creating a link. UTM tags serve detailed information about traffic sources, e.g., determine which social network is the most popular among your users.

How to run an A/B test? A/B testing evaluates the performance of two variants of a web page. With our service, you can test which version of a web page performs better. When clicking a short link, a pre-specified percentage of users will be redirected to the original page, the other — to the variation page.

How can I apply password protection? With password protection, you can limit access to your website. After users click on a short protected link, they have to enter a correct password to reach the content.

What do statistics metrics mean? We provide detailed statistics that perfectly fits basic needs. It helps determine the target audience, the best time for sharing links and track top links and domains.

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